Coquette Vintage Cotton Yarn by Susan Crawford and knitshop yarns

Coquette Vintage Cotton Yarn


What is Coquette Vintage Cotton?

knitshop has collaberated with well-known knitwear designer and historian Susan Crawford to create an exclusive cotton range inspired by vintage yarns.

This new yarn range is called Coquette and is a 4ply mercerised cotton  of the highest quality. Available since 29 April 2013, in a choice of 15 historicallly inspired colours. Susan has created the colour palette to effortlessly match vintage shades from 1930s to 1950s. Coquette is sold as 50g (125m) balls with a recommended tension of 28 stitches by 36 rows using a 3.25mm needle. Balls retail at GBP 4.95 each.

Susan, who is renowned for desinging modern versions of "long-forgotten" pattens from the first half of the 20th century has designed two classics books that provide an extensive pattern support for Coquette Vintage Cotton Yarn. The A Stitch In Time Books Vol 1 and 2 are available through knitshop yarns and Susan Crawford Vintage. Further pattern support is available through single patterns from both knitshop and Susan Crawford. For a list of patterns that has been published uptodate please see below.

knithop founder Julieta Brandao said: "I love working with Susan. knitshop's passion for natural and traditional yarns balances perfetly with Susan's passion for vintage patterns and yarns".

Coquette Vintage Cotton Yarn

Shades from left to right:
Wine, Oyster, Canary, Flame, Highland, Pumpkin, Carnation, Old Lace, Aquamarine, Snow, Spearmint and Sapphire.
Shades not on the picture: Amethyst, Raven and Silver. Raven and Silver are two brand new shades added to the collection in spring 2014.

About Susan Crawford:
Susan Crawford is a renowned vintage knitwear historian, author and pattern designer. She published several books including the A Stitch in Time series volumes 1 and 2, Vintage Gifts to Knit, Coronation Knits and is currently working on The Vintage Shetland Project. Susan Crawford was one of 20 designers exhibiting at The Wonder of Wool exhibition at Rhegged Gallery, Penrith showcasing the talents of those who are inspirational in the use of wool. She has worked in the knitting and fashion industries for many years as a knitwear designer, stylist and design consultant. For more information on Susan Crawford please visit her website (

Patterns available for Coquette Vintage Cotton Yarn:

Pattern in Coquette Vintage Cotton Yarn

Pattern from top left: Cassie Camisol in Carnation (Crochet), Ribbon Threaded Jumper in Flame, Tropicana in Canary, Kniter's Delight Jumper in Oyster, This Attractive Affair in Wine and Oyster, Katy Tee Cotton Top in Wine, Lily Jacket in Wine, Oyster and Carnation, Lost in Music in Highland, Ruffled Cardigan in Aquamarine and Amethyst, Reo Wrist Warmer in Oyster and Daffodile in Canary (Crochet).

This Attractive Affair - an elegant and sophisticated design, This Attractive Affair is perfect for any trip to the city or sea.
Pattern source: A Stitch In Time Vol 2. Recommended shades: Oyster and Wine.

Ribbon Threaded Jumper - a new version of the pattern Susan originally created using knitshop yarns Cotton Plied Wool Yarn. Coquette Vintage Cotton Yarn is the perfect match for this summery jumper. The bright Flame shade teams beautifully with linen trousers or a skirt.
Pattern source: A Stitch In Time Vol 2 and as a single pattern through Susan Crawford Vintage. Recommended shade: Flame.

Lost In Music Shrug - an unusual design that combines a lightweight shawl and ribbed cuffs.
Pattern source: Susan Crawford Vintage, single pattern. Recommended shade: Highland.

Knitter's Delight Jumper - a half-sleeve jumper with a fine cable and a fan-and-feather neckline.
Pattern source: A Stitch In Time Vol 1 and as a siingle pattern through Susan Crawford Vintage. Recommended shades: Oyster or Amethyst.

Dinah's Lacy Jumper - a textured short-sleeved top with an attractive keyhole opening.
Pattern source: A Stitch In Time Vol 2. Recommended shade: Aquamarine.

Jumper With Collar And Flower - a delightful affair for dressy occassions.
Pattern source: A Stitch In Time Vol 2. Recommended shades: Carnation, Snow and Canary.

Striped Sun Top - a beautiful striped, backless sun-top for the hot sunny days, to be worn with shorts.
Pattern source: A Stitch In Time Vol 2. Recommended shades: Snow, Spearmint and Carnation.

Summery - And A New Pattern - fan and feather-patterned loose-fitting top with fitted waist.
Pattern source: A Stitch In Time Vol 2. Recommended shade: Flame.

The Latest Accessories - a crochet pattern particularly recommende for Coquette.
Pattern source: A Stitch In Time Vol 1. Recommended shade: Old Lace.

Light & Lovely - a lacy jumper with short sleeves. The cotton is just perfect for lacy summer patterns. Originally designed for Rowans 4ply cotton (now discontinued), the pattern is a perfect match for Coquette.
Pattern source: A Stitch In Time Vol 1. Recommended shades: Spearmint and Sapphire.

Sea Waves And Sunny Days Ahead - ready for the beach.
Pattern source: A Stitch In Time Vol 1. Recommended shades: Pumpkin and Old Lace.

The Call of the Sea - as seen on BBC 4 documentary "Fabric of Britain" September 2013.
Pattern source: A Stitch In Time Vol 1. Recommended shades: Sapphire and Snow.

Tropicana - a lacy fitted vest with a ribbed top and ribbon threaded through it. Susan has long admired knitshop's natural yarns and origianlly designed this pattern for the Mulberry Silk Twist Yarn. As alternative the pattern has now been included in the Coquette Vintage Cotton patterns collection.
Pattern source: Susan Crawford Vintage and knitshop yarns. Recommended shade: Canary.

Katy Tee Cotton Top - this glamorous and sparkling tee is designed by Meg Crowther and was originally featured in the Knit Magazine, issue 44.
Pattern source: knitshop yarns. Recommended shade: Wine or Amethyst.

Katy Tee Cotton Top knitted in Coquette Vintage Cotton Yarn